Each culture has its unique way to raise children. 

Inside each culture there are many different branches of believes about education itself.
And as far as I could observe by talking to different parents from all over the world, in different settings and different believes about raising their children – one thing was salient in every one of them:
How dearly they loved the children. How they give every thing they have to be the best parent they could. And I think each one of them did very well.
I am not an expert in education, and I surely understood that there is no “only right way” to raise children, be a parent.
So what you will find here are topics  – not about” the only right way”  – But about ways to reach your children’s heart and strengthen their spirit, and get the result in your children you aim for.  

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice”

How I choose my parenting books

Some thoughts to consider before implementing advices from so-called experts into your family In this article I will highlight a few points, what matters to me with every book I read. With those points you can then decide for yourself, which books you want to apply on...

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How to dig for the gold in your child

It is vital for the child to feel loved. To feel known and totally accepted. However, let's be real. There are kids we feel challenged to give them exactly that from the depths of our hearts. Because they are difficult for us to understand, as they are so different...

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