We in “Family that matters” see marriage as the foundation for a strong family and family culture.
We believe it is up to us parents to be the example of life to our children, and this in every way: how we treat each other in love, how we honour and respect each other ,in how we deal with our desires, expectations, challenges, problems, weaknesses, and stress situations.
It is something beautiful to see a family in unity – and this unity comes always from the relationship the parents have, the way they strive for unity and connection in every day life.
And it’s this unity and connection the posts in this section will talk about. 

 Marriage isn’t just a choice. It’s choosing the same person a million times

How active Appreciation can make a difference

How active Appreciation can make a difference

There is little I cherish more in our marriage than active appreciation. Active appreciation is something Benny brought into my life.His way of how he actively appreciates who I am and what I do has changed my life over the years. Today, our whole family is constantly...

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