Some personal thoughts on my first year running this Website

by | Mar 17, 2018 | Personal growth

When I started with that website exactly one year ago, I had mainly one thing in mind: To write down all these “articles” I had been formulating in my head for years, to write down all my revelations and understandings I had been telling people about, to write down all the new insights I had gained through situations I’d been going through.


However, most of this thought process happened only in my head, since there were not many people interested in the wisdom and understanding I wished to share.
I started this website because I wanted to create a platform to which, in the future, I could simply direct people to when I would feel that they had a question or a problem I had an answer for… already written down.

My aim also was to create a place, I could tell my international friends to go to, because I had translated my insights and important material of other authors into their language.

Never would I have thought that the visitors would be growing in such a way within only one year.

That was not even my aim.

Today I’m writing an Article about what I learned during that year, by writing these 54 articles – as well as translating them into three languages each and every week.


  • I learned that I am extremely dependant on what people think.
    I have been hiding this page from my friends and relatives for most of the year. This, simply because I realized how vulnerable my ability to write these articles was. Only one negative comment, or a discouraging look… and my capacity to put my words down were limited.
    It’s only been a few weeks back, when I finally faced the reality that not everyone will see the purpose behind that website, not everyone will celebrate me for it – and that there are people out there, who are thinking I am doing something inappropriate for being a simple wife and mother, without a special entitlement.
    For two weeks, I had no motivation and my joy of doing that website was gone. I just wanted to quit, with the feeling that I was doing a silly thing, worthless, and that all my investment was just a crazy idea of making a difference.
    However, at the end of that struggle, I had grown stronger by remembering why I started, what my heart behind that website is, my aim and purpose. That I do have a gift of putting internal processes into words, and explain things that others can’t explain. During this time I had some of the first feedbacks on how my page has helped people in a great way, that my way of writing, expressing and processing was an amazing blessing to them.
  • I learned that I had little belief on the worth of my insights and thoughts.
    I had to face thoughts like “who do I think I am for doing such a website!? ”
    and “why should anyone be interested in what I have to say!? ”.
  • Because I promised myself and my readers that I will upload an article in English every Sunday, I wanted to stick to it. This, through seasons when we were very occupied otherwise, times when the family went through a flu, when we were away in holidays for a couple of weeks… and even times when I was struggling with personal issues.
    Continually having an article to upload at Sunday 23.59 PM the latest was sometimes a challenge I was struggling to live up to. But I made it. The only time I was late was because my server broke down and there was no support on weekends to fix the problem. Other than that, I was always on time.
    Doing this made me stronger, firmer and made grow as a whole person..
  • Something I definitely love about doing this website is the continuous use of my acquired languages. I write all my articles in English, translate them to German for Monday, then Spanish and French. I spend many hours working on these articles, translating them, revising them. To find the words that fit best for what I want to say is something I simply love. Plus, I this way I won’t lose my foreign languages vocabulary, but rather improve it.
  • There is something more I grew into by doing this website:
    When I talk to other people about raising kids and personal growth, there are many subjects I am well aware of what I think about them and I can express it easily. Simply because I have already thought trough it. Sometimes I read books about a subject to be able to write an article about it. Writing thoughts down and translating them into several languages definitely gives me authority and clarity to talk about many subjects.
I am very grateful for my wonderful husband who has been proof reading and correcting my English and German articles every week… investing his heart and time into this website and into my life.

Thank you my dear Bolivian friends for helping me out with my Spanish!

It has been a wonderful journey so far.
I have enjoyed establishing contact with some of the authors I’ve included in this blog.
I’ve loved to dig into subjects in order to be able to write an article. I’ve learned and grown a lot by doing that.

I am looking forward to another year of working on this website!
It would be wonderful to get your comments, suggestions or your personal stories, which you can post at the end of the articles or through the section “contact me”. I would love to hear from you!

Also make sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter , where I post my weekly articles – and sometimes more.


Thank you for investing your time into reading this blog. I pray that you will be blessed by applying these principles in your life.

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