Once again, I’m sitting in front of our tent in the south of France writing this article.
We enjoy these vacations a lot. These are always precious times as a family. This time, a befriended family joined us, and our children love to play together as much as we adults enjoy spending time together, sharing and talking about our personal lives, our challenges and victories in raising our kids and much more.

The importance of the “Five Laws of Life” for you and your family

by | Oct 7, 2018 | Abouth faith, Education, Personal growth

Like promised in the last Article, I would like to share with you what helped me quit being that “good girl”, spending my time and effort to please others – and escaping the difficult path of being a “bad girl” by becoming hardened, rebellious and isolated.
In this article I will talk about the laws of life I found about 15 years ago in a book called “reviens a la vie” (Come back to life) from Simone Pacot.

Reading this book and comparing it with my own experience helped me tremendously to know where my challenges are and which way I should take in life.
Today, looking back, I realize how God worked greatly with these five “laws of life” applied in my life… simply because they truly are “laws of live” that bring forth a life worth living.

And personally, I am eager to implement a foundation and understanding into my kids, that will teach them to make choices that lead them into a life worth living.

The five Laws of Life:

1. Choose life

2. Accept the fact that you are a human being

3. You are unique – don’t try to be someone else

4. walk in the reality of unity of Body, Soul and Spirit

5. Choose to be fertile 

1. Choose life:

You are alive. You have a life.
However… are you truly alive, do you truly have a life?

You had no choice but to be born. Unable to choose the circumstances you were conceived into. Unable to choose the reality that awaited you here on earth.

Choosing life is different.
We have to choose it. Sometimes, when depression, sadness, trauma or other heavy circumstances hit in, this decision can be a very difficult one.

However, simply knowing this law can help us enter into the process of finding our way out of times like that.
I still remember that certain day in Bolivia. I was having a really hard time with situations I couldn’t handle.
I went out for a walk in the beautiful nature, pondering over these situations. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind:

“I want to die”.

I was shocked, as I always had fought for life – not only to be on this earth, because two people conceived me, but to be alive.
I rejected that thought. In fact, I spoke to that thought, refusing to go further into that direction.

I want to live. I want to be alive. I surely won’t go in to that direction, not even by thoughts!”

Today I know the importance of having done that.
Of course, the process from simply being on this earth because “I have to” up to being “fully alive” was quite a process to go, but here I am, feeling alive and fulfilled in a way I never dared to dream of.

2. Accept the fact that you are a human being

You and I were created. We are not God.

Well – you and I know that. We would never say that “we are God”.
However, many of us live in shame and depression because we can’t achieve perfection. We walk in shame because we failed to be that person we expected ourselves to be or we think we have to be, in order to be loved and accepted.

A good question we can ask ourselves in order to find out whether we can accept our human nature are:

Am I trying to be perfect? 
I am not talking about our way to become “whole”, to mature and to grow.
I am talking about that kind of perfection that tears us down because it doesn’t leave room for any weaknesses, mistakes or shortcomings.

Am I Idealizing?
I am not talking about the force that helps us achieve a higher standard of what you want to become, what kind of family culture you want to create or what your aim is as a couple.
The kind of idealizing has more to do with a reality that is simply not our reality.
In my own life, this showed in the way I thought (and this thought created many feelings):

“If I would have been that person I am today 20 years ago – I would have made many different decisions and I would be on a totally different place today.”

(speaking about profession or ministry, for example)
I had to understand and accept that I simply was not who I am today.
I was not able to do it differently. And where I stand today, is by the grace of God.

Am I expecting total fulfillment outside of God?
I’m talking about everything that helps the belief that happiness is only possible in absence of any lack.

(For example, the belief that every wish needs to be fulfilled in order to be happy, trying to find in another person the mother one never had, the need to see ones perpetrator recognize the harm he has done, etc. )

3. You are unique – don’t try to be someone else

You are unique.

Not uniquely strange. Not a unique looser.
You have been created uniquely, and you are loved in a unique way.

This “you” is enough, this “you” is needed and this “you” is deeply lovable.

Walk on this path to become “yourself” in God, walk your own personal way in a right relationship with others.

Mixing your unique self with traits of another person you adore, to possess someone or to be possessed by someone will inevitable hinder you to become who you truly are.

Equally, surrendering yourself into any abusive relationship or striving for what others have (believing you need that, in order to be happy) will barricade your way to be fully alive for who you are.

4. Walk in the reality of unity of Body, Soul and Spirit

This law is tightly knit together with the previous three laws.
We have a soul. We experience our life in a unique way. Our body remembers, and expresses itself, even if we try to ignore situations or feelings.
I know a woman who constantly walked bent over. When she entered the process of emotional healing, her body straightened up step by step as she was walking into freedom.

Many times (Caroline Leaf, a famous neuron scientist tells us that the percentage is far beyond 70%) sickness and diseases are connected to our emotional and spiritual reality.
The beautiful gift God gave us, is the holy spirit who wants to lead us into this unity. The wholeness of our soul, body and spirit.

By knowing and acknowledging this, we walk into the right direction. We enter the right path to life.

5. Choose to be fertile


God is a God of abundance, fullness and fertility.
He created us in his image and we are filled with godly riches.

However, we need to choose if we want to bury our gifts, hide who we are or enter into giving who we are.
Of course, it is difficult to give who we are when we refuse to acknowledge the four previous laws of life.

For many years, I couldn’t imagine how I could ever be a blessing to someone, how I could ever be enough, so that simply “being” myself would already be a blessing to someone.
Today, I have come to discover the beautiful reality of investing my life, investing who I am. I have come to experience that I can be a blessing all around me.

Sometimes, people ask me, how I find the courage to be so transparent and vulnerable on this blog by sharing so many personal details of my life.

My answer?
Well, this is not a cooking blog where I share some recipe I’ve discovered.
I don’t have too many outstanding crafts I can share my knowledge about.
However, I have my life.
And by sharing my life with you, I can be a blessing, and live my unique way of fertility.
There are many things I can’t do. But I’ve found a way that is uniquely designed for who I am, where I can share the riches God has put into me with you.
I feel great gratitude and a sense of fulfillment by doing it.

So will you, by finding your unique ways of choosing life, by a
ccepting the fact that you are a human being, by entering into your unicity, recognizing that spirit, soul and body are tightly knit together – and by choosing to be fertile.


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