Talking about Blueprint – a Metaphor that explains it all

by Mar 18, 2017Education, Personal growth

In order to help our children to enter their blueprint, it is important to understand what it is all about.
In this Metaphor, there is
an Architect
A Contractor
The Bulilding supplier
A little castle
and the Blueprint

God is the creator of the Child. So in this metaphor he’s the architect.
He is the one who made the child in a specific way that includes every single detail.
The contractor is the Child. The child receives the building plan – his blueprint.
The child is also the construction, let’s say a little castle.
Most children have this self-awareness of who they were designed to be by God deep within. They “know” what that blueprint is.
Even though parents are there to raise a child – it’s not in their responsibility to decide what the child shall become.
We can support them by how we know them and we can support them for clarity. We as parents are the Building supplier. That’s our Job. To help the child to become that little castle!
I love to study my kids. I love to get to know them, and see their individual uniqueness! One kid is super logical and into details. An other one very emotional and into relationships. An other one always had an awesome body-control and is very athletic. Even with the one that is only one year old you can start to tell that he has the strongest will of all four and a very sensitive spirit.
Kids with mountains outfit

However, many parents simply never heard about a Blueprint

 As every parent has been a child and maybe your own parents:

– Maybe in your own life you never got the freedom to follow what you felt you should become?
– Maybe your parents misread your blueprint because of their own experience or selfishness?

– Maybe they insisted that you construct your home according to their perceptions?

– Or they wanted you to build a house that they always wanted for themselves?

– Maybe your parents didn’t provide enough of the right kind of building material – or were missing the right timing to it?
– Or maybe you got through abuse and your little castle under construction was wrecked?

Whatever your situation was and where you stand today, it’s not too late to enter into this blueprint and to help your kids enter it as well.

Today, we can encourage our children by believing in them, to support them in the unique way they are made to go.
Today, we can acknowledge this uniqueness of our children and help them enter into the divine plan they were made for.
Today, we can listen to them and encourage them to speak about their  dreams and visions – on from a very young age.
Today, we can tell them over and over again that they can do it. That they are capable, clever, amazing – equipped with everything they need to do it.
Today, we can put the kid into the right situation, so it can be fostered.
Just today I spoke with a mother of four adult kids. She has a Son in an other continent, a daughter in quite a dangerous place somewhere in this world… As I spoke to her I got more marveled about her attitude in it because she totally knew that her adult children were where they belong, what their calling was at this time of life. She still is with them with all her heart and enjoys every second she can spend with them. However, she pushes them into what they know (and she knows) to be the right place to be. I told her today: I want to be a mom like that. And I have to admit: Today, my children being still so small, I can only imagine how hard it was to enter int that heart attitude. I want that attitude for me when time comes!

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