I was never able to be a typical “leader”. But everywhere I was, my heart quickly turned out to be a “mother heart”. Out of this I got the nickname “Mama Jane”.
I’ve read many books about education and motherhood and some of them made me cry because I was so touched by them. Others inspired me and got me to a new understanding of precious insights-  others made me angry and some even grieved… horrified how “professionals” interpret the heart of a child!

I love to grow beyond tradition and customs, in every aspect of my life.
In my relationship with God, Marriage, Education, Leadership… I want to see the heart of God shine trough, his wisdom revealed and people coming out of lies that trap their life, keep them in prison from real freedom. I do believe in counselling, but I also know the kind of counselling which only caresses the emotions of a person without letting the Spirit of God touch the human spirit – the limits of what can be done that way are very low.

I love travelling, being on the road, by car, train, ship or plane…
I just feel alive, free and happy!
I love to get to know new cultures, new languages , new climates and new foods!
I’m interested in the politics of that country, the church, their needs, the education provided.
So when I fall in a state to missing enthusiasm in my – oh so stable – life as a wife and mother, I take my four kids and go out for a trip… a day or two into the mountains, or a week or two to France for tent-holidays

Of course my family.
I love to see new insights and wisdom applied in their life and see them thrive. I love to see that the special ways of doing stuff (like sleeping in the same room with the whole Family of six) are bringing results we could only dream of. I love to experience special moments of praying over a child when we feel it necessary and seeing dramatic, observable change within a few minutes.
I love to read a book which gives me special insights and explain those to Benny (who doesn’t really read many books) and seeing him apply those principles in a very practical and adapted way into our children.


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