My name is Jeanne and I was born in Switzerland 1978.
I grew up in a family with 5 children.

Until I got married when I was 31 old, having now 4 children with my husband Benny, I was able to go through quite some experience and (healing-maturing-)process.
I am an educator. Worked too as a shop assistant, waitress, cook and service-staff. In my life I moved place 25 times. I was 14 times on a outreach activity with YWAM in different locations and countries. In my life I have been travelling to 19 countries.
I can well communicate in German, English, French and Spanish. Beside being Swiss I have French and Scandinavian roots.
Today I have lived for almost 8 years in the same place. I am working as a mother and housewife. With our children we are talking Swiss german, teaching them english.
Since ever I was touched and moved by the subject family. Today it thrills me to see my own family (every member of it) flourishing – and to share this passion of mine which is family .


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