Expert overview

I love new insights.
There are many people from around the world that shaped my understanding, what I believe  and what I stand for with their teaching, their way  to pass on their knowledge.
Here you will find many of these teachers, authors, pastors, bloggers and friends I could learn so much from.
You will find the different books that impacted my life in a way or another. 
I love books and teaching no matter the culture, that speak to my heart, to my spirit… that teach me wisdom, giving me insight and understanding, helping me become the best I can be… This godly woman, that lady of destiny,  this loving and supporting wife for my husband, , that unique mother for my children and this faithfult friend for my precious friends.

The author of this blog is in no way liable for the content of websites linked from this blog. A link to a website does not imply my agreement with the entire content of the linked page. The reader is required to apply his own judgement and discernment in each individual case.

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