Children and Technology – should we even try to stop it?

I still remember well how my father brought the first computer into our house in 1993. I remember the first versions of Windows, the scratchy sound when we tried to connect the PC to the Internet, our first printer and how we stored documents on floppy disks. My...

Great news on the 2. anniversary of

Since I opened this website two years ago, many things have happened in my life. It has been a journey into something I am very passionate about: Writing around the subject of family. A platform to share my insights, thoughts, experiences and my personal learning...

When saying goodbye to my prince charming doesn’t mean entering a real fairytale

While I was still writing my last article (Saying goodbye to prince charming – to live a real fairytale), I was aware that there are people who are in a really difficult situation in their marriage. I was aware that my challenges with Benny were only everyday issues...

Saying goodbye to prince charming – to live a real fairytale

Have you ever looked at other couples, feeling that they, contrary to your marriage, have it all together? That they are both fulfilled and happy, living a fairy tale marriage? I have met couples who have looked perfect. I’ve looked up to them, they seemed to have it...

The story about unbecoming stressed with our two-year old

Even though this article is about the age of two, Frank and Catherine Fabiano in their book "Die Herzen unserer Kinder berühren"(Touching the hearts of our children) raise our hope by telling us that if we missed the point with this stage of life, God has given us...

The Hardships and the Fruits of investing in your Kids

As you've probably read in this post, we have a family bed – well it has grown beyond one bed as our family has grown, but we do sleep in one room. There was a time the oldest two were sleeping in their own room and they did very well. However, after a while they...

Different beliefs about Destiny – and how they will impact our family Part 3

Mindset of the wealthy Like I tried to make sure in the two past articles, I will not talk about money here. This article will not treat the subject of how to become rich and live a life of luxury.     You could rather compare this article to the one called...

Different beliefs about Destiny – and how they will impact our family Part 2

Mindset of middle class In the last article we saw that our worldview is greatly influenced by our upbringing, the world we live in, be it poverty, middle class or wealth. We saw that wealth is not equal to riches or possession but rather a...

Different beliefs about Destiny – and how they will impact our family

    From Identity to destiny – this is our slogan from familythatmatters. This is our vision statement. A vision statement is a way to explain in one sentence who we are, why we exist, what is distinctive about us and what we do want to accomplish. All the...

What Queen Esther has to do with the new year’s resolution

While this post may sound somewhat unusual to some people – especially men or easy going people in general, the principles described have helped countless people who were dealing with any kind of shame in their lives. It’s the end of one year, 2018 and the beginning...


from familythatmatters

My name is Jeanne and I was born in Switzerland 1978. I grew up…

Welcome to familythatmatters

This website will provide you with new articles about family life, education, marriage, personal growth and about faith. The content is profound, practical, based on love. It honors you as a family and an individual, independently of your origin and social background. I will share with you the insights of my journey to be this successful woman, wife and mother. I enjoy my life with a deep gratefulness in my heart – and the aim is to share what I’ve learned with you. Articles come out on a weekly basis. Come and join the thousands of readers from all over the world!

With love,
Jeanne from familythatmatters

Bienvenue chez « Family that matters » !

(- famille qui fais une difference- )

Toutes les semaines, ce site vous fournira un article nouveau sur la vie de famille, l’éducation, le mariage, le développement personnel et la vie chrétienne. Le contenu est profond, pratique, basé dans l’amour. Il vous honore en tant que famille et individu, indépendamment de votre origine et de votre milieu social. Je partagerai avec vous ce que j’ai appris durant le processus pour devenir cette femme, cette épouse et cette mère épanouie que je suis aujourd’hui. J’apprécie ma vie avec une profonde reconnaissance du coeur – donc le but est de partager ce que j’ai appris avec vous. Venez et rejoignez les milliers de lecteurs du monde entier!


Jeanne de familythatmatters

Willkommen bei Family that matters!

(-Familie die einen Unterschied macht-)

Auf dieser Website finden Sie wöchentlich ein neuer Artikel über das Familienleben, die Erziehung, die Ehe, dem persönlichem Wachstum und Glaubensimpulse. Der Inhalt ist tiefgründig, praktisch und basiert auf der Liebe. Es ehrt Sie als Familie und Einzelperson, unabhängig von Ihrer Herkunft und ihrer soziale Ebene. Ich werde mit Ihnen die Einsichten die ich auf meiner Reise von einem identitätslosen Teenie bis hin zu dieser erfolgreichen Frau, Ehefrau und Mutter, die ich heute bin. Ich genieße mein Leben mit einer tiefen Dankbarkeit in meinem Herzen – und das Ziel dieser Seite ist es, mit euch das zu teilen, das ich gelernt habe. Artikel kommen auf einer wöchentlichen Basis heraus. Seien Sie einen Teil der tausenden von Lesern aus der ganzen Welt!

Mit herzlichen Grüsse
Jeanne von familythatmatters

Bienvenido a “Family that matters” !

(-La Familia que hace una differencia-)

Cada semana, van a encontrar un nuevo Articulo sobre la vida de familia, la educación, el matrimonio, el crecimiento personal y la vida christiana. El contenido es profundo, práctico, basado en el amor, honrándoles como familia y como individuo, independientemente de tu origen, cultura y trasfondo social. Compartiré con usted lo que aprendí en mi camino de una adolescente sin identidad y futuro hasta está exitosa mujer, esposa y madre que soy hoy en día. Disfruto de mi vida con un agradecimiento profundo en mi corazón, y el objetivo de está página es compartir lo que he aprendido contigo. Los artículos salen semanalmente. ¡Ven y únanse a los miles de lectores de todo el mundo!

Con cariño,

Jeanne de familythatmatters

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