Hi there, my name is Jeanne and I’m the author of this site.
I write because there are so many things I learned in the past 20years – about God and about life, that I really wanted to share those insights. But as a mother of four amazing kids age 3-8 my place is home right now. So to write and to blog is my way to reach out,  to share my heart and many of those things I learned –some of them the painful way- with you.

As a teenager I saw many things that went wrong in the family where I grew up… and I expressed them loud and clear to my family.
Of course that wasn’t easy for my parents and I was labelled “the rebel teenager” , the one who made life difficult.
I left home at age 16 with one dream in my heart: To have – one day – a family on my own and to be able to do things differently. To be a woman of destiny, a mother , a wife, to have a family “that matters” .

Today, 25 years later I’ve grown out of the “rebel teenager”….  And I’ve grown into a woman of destiny, a wife of an amazing husband , and a mother of four… and together with my husband we  pursue the same dream: To be a family that matters.

It took many years (22 to be précis) , many tears and many losses, much of determination, many believes replaced with truth to get here.

One determination was to get to know this God I knew deep down in my heart to be so different from what I was tought him to be. To have this personal relationship with him.
And I know that this was the secret of my success. Because God is good. He cares. He loves us. He provides and he has plans of hope and future for every one of us who seek him. He is the secret of real success.

This website will reflect the insights I had, the teachings which helped me, the personal revelation which brought me further, the truths I learned and the convictions  I gained trough all of it: education, marriage,  personal growth and faith.


Voices about us

I got to know Jeanne when she was still single, 2001 fully alive and adventurous.
I met her this year again, now a mature, lively, sparkling wife and mother. She really has something to say about being a wife and a mother! I heartedly recommend her. 
Deacon T.J. van der Weele M.A.


Jeannes life ist the best book I ever read.



My Kids and Jeanne’s oldest go together to school

Her spontaneous, joyful and initiative nature immediately delighted me

Jeanne is open to talk about anything, our talks quickly reach a deeper level.
Her heart for children, families and the kingdom of God is evident.
After encounters with her I am always newly motivated and strengthened!

It is a joy to know her and her family!!

Daniela Benz-Rüedi


Jeanne is not just a woman of words, but a woman who puts her words into action.  But that is not all. Actions are already good, but what gives her actions their power is love.  Jeanne is for my wife and me not only a friend, but also a great role model. How she deals with her children – none is disadvantaged, even if every child has a unique character. Everyone knows that they are valuable and loved.  She is not only a good mother but also a good wife. The love for Benny is well recognizable, especially by her patience. A deep trust shines through their relationship, they can talk about anything. They protect what they have together and do not let any quarrel rob them of this. It is so important to them that they always have the willingness to forgive.



In Jeanne I see a God restored woman, living  the dream of God : “a  Large Family as a full-time service in the kingdom of God”. He has given her the perfect husband for this.



I’m so amazed of my wife’s emotional intelligence and her gift to put those thoughts into words.
I love you and I’m really looking forward to this blog. It will be a blessing to many.



In my view you and your family are people with Big Heart and Full of Grace!!!



This family is an example of harmony, love and well-balanced boundaries for the kids



I admire Jeanne for so many reasons.
I admire her simplicity, her uncomplicated nature.
Her priorities, her principles are so clear that her life is based on the solid rock that is Jesus.
I am impressed by her wisdom. She is able to advise others and give them the tools to grow. With this Wisdom she is able to lead people on the path that leads them to freedom. Every time I talk to her and read her articles, I perceive this impressive wisdom.
I like her humor, her way of using this healthy humor without sarcasm and bitterness. This atmosphere is so pure and without malice.
I love her perception, her straightforwardness, her love, her compassion, her courage, her ability, her wisdom, her personality. Her integrity has remained intact, she is her essence.
I admire how she loves. I admire not only the love that she gives to others, the love that God has placed in her – even if it is something so great and beautiful. But I admire the way she can love and accept herself – that is something that is admirable.

She is an example that can be followed.




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