My perfect plans for the future and God’s heart for a toddler

by | Jul 9, 2017 | Family life, Personal growth

Recently my husband and I decided, to enroll in a Bible school for the next three years. My mother in law and my sister agreed to look after the four kids in the evenings and sometimes during days when we would be away. It felt right, and it was the perfect opportunity.

After all, if I do God’s business and go after His kingdom, he will look for my kids, right?

I was ready to organize our whole family life around it and I was thrilled that after 7 years of just staying home and being a mom, I would be able to invest my life into something so valuable as this Bible school.Having all sorted out already, having been already accepted into the school and everything, there was nothing that could change that.

But then, on a Friday evening, while my husband was working late and the kids were already sleeping, God started to talk to me. Not audibly, but still so convincing, that the whole plan was turned upside down.

He explained to me, that I needed to stay home with our youngest. That he, with his 16 months and his very strong will, would need the deep connection we have right now, and that he would pass these whole challenging “terrible two” as some people call them, much smoother and much more peacefully, with me on his side.
He told me that it’s not the time to make this bond looser with me being away often. That enrolling one or two years later in this bible school will make a huge difference in his life.. and very little on mine. And he told me, that I needed to learn to just “be” with my kids. Without running around, having projects, cleaning, cooking and talking with my sisters and friends on the phone. That I needed to learn to sit down. Tell a story. Just cuddle. Switch off my phone. Just play. Just be.


To me, this made lots of sense. I happily told my husband about the change of perspective I got – and we postponed our bible school.

I honestly was surprised to see that God cared so much for our toddler, that he convinced us to postpone such a “spiritual” plan as a bible school.

Shouldn’t he be just happy with us, that we give him and his kingdom so much of importance, that we are agree to sacrifice money, time and comfort to enlist in a bible school, despite our full schedule and having four kids? After all, the Bible tells us that he will care for our things if we take care of his?!

The amazing truth about God is this: He has the much bigger picture.

Life is not just about me, and what I can achieve during my time on this earth.

He cares for the generations. He knows, that me enrolling one or two years later in that Bible school is nothing, compared to what I can implement in my child, the way I can nurture it, the way I can reach out to him.

That what I can learn at this Bible school is amazing… but what I will learn, if I really grow in this area of just coming down and enjoying my kids, without always being so active – will enrich my life – and their lives.



And God cares – even about little strong willed children.
He knows how he made them, what they need to grow into mature, healthy adults.
I’m amazed about the greatness of God.
His wisdom and love, for me and even for the little ones.
He really cares.
About strong willed, tantrum throwing toddlers, about me… and about you.


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