Love is a verb – and more thoughts on marriage

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Marriage, Personal growth

Today is our 8th Anniversary!
I love to be married.
And I love to be married to this amazing person that is Benny.
And I love the security and peace I feel concerning our union and family.
I was pondering on why we feel that way, and I figured out the following:

We know that:


1. Love is a choice. 
Feelings come and go. I change, life changes, life circumstances change and even my body went through different stages during the 4 pregnancies. Therefore, I strongly agree with the saying: Marriage is not based on ONE choice. Marriage is based on choosing the same person a million of times.

2. Love is a verb. 
Love-The feeling-is the fruit of love the verb.
Therefore, I am learning that it is in times where feelings aren’t there, it’s a good time to love!

And last but not least:

3. My identity and my life meaning is not based on my husband. 
I have the privilege to have this amazing husband that affirms me daily, telling me how beautiful/amazing/lovable I am. But still, there are areas where he can’t understand debts of my soul. And that’s totally all right that way. A husband is not supposed to give identity and meaning of life. Only God is. And God is the one, holding my life when things get hard.

I know that I am married to a man with character. Integrity. One that chooses daily to apply the verb Love into my life and the life of our kids.
I am a more emotional person, and not knowing these three points above would make me a fragile wife, vulnerable to my own emotional world and challenges of this world. However, he married a wife with character, and the knowledge of the above three points make of our life together a peaceful, beautiful place where we can relax, be ourselves, love and be loved.

Benny  I love you and I always will!

More about “Love is a verb” you can find in this awesome book written by S.R.Covey

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