Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid

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Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid. John 14.1/27

We live in a time where it is of such importance to decide what we allow our heart to meditate on, to believe in, and to react upon.

Every day, we can choose to meditate on what the media presents as truth and fill our minds and hearts with that fear, confusion, division, hopelessness, and despair all around us.

I consider it dangerous, if we let our hearts be troubled while trying to calm ourselves down with thoughts like

“soon life will be back to normal” or
“things will get better soon”-

Because in this condition, if we continue to get confronted to new situations that catapult us even deeper into despair – this will lead our hearts even deeper into hopelessness.

However, this is not how life has to be, even in midst of this present time.

As a family, we look back at a year that has been a year full of peace, joy, passion, maturing and growing closer to Jesus. We were able to create this safe place where fear was banished from.
We had many beautiful moments as a family and individually.


As we were forced to position ourselves, we dug our roots even deeper into the reality of our faith. Our revelation about what happened on that cross 2000 year ago expanded greatly. That freedom we have in Christ. The authority we have, to decide what we let into our hearts and what we put our focus on.
We refused to let the media rule our heart, our emotions – by simply limiting our exposure to it to an absolute minimum. We were very careful to what we open our hearts to and how we spend our time. We stepped up against anything that causes our hearts to be troubled, anything that robs us from that peace, and focus on what really matters: To be fully present in the here and now while putting our trust in the One who is not limited by present circumstances and limitations.

We filled our hearts with the reality of heaven; with love, peace, joy, gratefulness, strength, and godliness, and we used any situation to grow more into mature citizens of heaven, growing deeper into the art of truly loving and being resistant to frustration, fear and confusion.

We live in a time where we have to position ourselves and decide: Do we want to be a part of this chaos, submit to the fear and confusion around us, trying to survive and rise up against anyone we see as threat for our survival – or do we want to be part of the great and marvelous things God is doing and will be doing and walk in submission to Him in love, gentleness and authority, filled with the life of God within every fiber of our being?

We decided, and we are ready for this new year 2021!

With that we wish you a wonderful Christmas, filled with the reality that Jesus was born to us, that he died and rose again to set us free, to give us an abundant life regardless of the surrounding circumstances. We wish you a new year filled with hope, peace, love, joy – independent of all circumstances that may still come!



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