Heinz Etter, swiss educator and autor of a book called “Erziehen im Vertrauen” (parenting in trust)

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Heinz Etter is a primary and secondary school teacher, and since 2004 therapeutic pedagogue (HfH),. He is father of two adult sons and two daughters and grandfather of ten grandchildren.

From 1998 to 2004 Heinz Etter and his wife Hanni, a riding teacher, ran a special need school home combined with a riding school. During this time they formulated the basic features of the “Join-up” concept, i.e. the pedagogy of trust, and have continued to develop it ever since. The “child whisperer” approach is based on the teachings of the horse whisperer Monty Roberts, the New Testament, and the approaches of Jesper Juul and Gordon Neufeld – in this chronology.

Pedagogy of trust shows a plausible, especially for Christians immediately understandable alternative to behavior-oriented pedagogical approaches.

Heinz and Hanni Etter have been running parenting courses since 2006. Since 2009, there has been a specialist office for trust-based education with just over 200 employees and a large number of volunteers. The book “Erziehen im Vertrauen” was published in its first edition 2008 by ASAPH Verlag. The fifth, thoroughly revised edition is now available.

The book “Vertrauensschule” was published in the first of three editions in 2010. It is aimed at teachers at all levels. Since 2013, a small booklet has also been available that is aimed at older children and young people and teaches them how to use their own brains successfully in a fun way: It consists to a large extent of dialogues between a young person and his brain. In addition to trust pedagogy, it also takes into account new neuroscientific findings.

Heinz Etter conducts courses and coaching for parents, teachers and executives throughout Switzerland, rarely also abroad. His monthly “Infobrief”, a kind of free e-mail seminar for people who are on the road in a spirit of trust education, currently has about 3,800 subscribers.

The English version of this book is available here:

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