Zoe, owner of a family-oriented blog: www.thinkbaby.org

by | Sep 2, 2018

Zoe is a proud mother of 3, with a much different parenting background than what you normally see. While she is a blessed mother with a full house now, she was once infertile for many years, and truly had to hit rock-bottom before she was able to earn her motherhood stripes & start a family of her own.  Throughout the years, there’s been many tips & tricks to parenting she’s learned & discovered.

On her blog, ThinkBaby.org, she shares with us everything from how to get your baby to sleep at night, how to make learning for toddlers easy, the true must-have baby products, & she even gets personal with a few heart-to-heart posts about how her infertility stage truly changed her motherhood experience. She initially started her blog as a place to relate to other new mothers & connect, & while her blog is still like this today,  she now puts most of her focus on inspiring & empowering other mothers who may also be struggling. Her main goal now is to create a safe space for moms; a place where they can learn, & a place where she can offer her own tips & tricks that other moms may not know of.

But above all else, she wanted to create a place family-oriented & inspired women could gather together to show support to one another in a feel-good environment. She truly believes that her own struggles with having children & raising them has opened many doors for her, & she assures us she would not changed any of them for the world. She says these experiences have truly made her who she is today, and without them, her expertise on this subject & her blog would cease to exist.


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