Sunny day or foggy Landscape? – Embracing the seasons of your life

by | Jan 21, 2018 | Family life, Personal growth

Where we live, wintertime is the time of the year when outside it is cold and dark.
It is the time of the year when we are supposed to get lot of snow here in Switzerland. But the reality is, that in the plain where we live, we seldom have the privilege to have “winterwonderland” like we have it in the mountains.


As I was on my way home the other day around lunchtime, I went over a hill and looked down to where we live. Even being lunchtime, it was still kind of dark, foggy, cold – even icy. I could not see the nearby landscape that makes this region so cozy and beautiful.

Then I realized: What I saw in front of me has a lot to do with our lives.

I stopped the car and took a picture:

How many times do our circumstances of life look just like this picture?
Dark, without perspective, cold, missing out the sun and the warmth of our surroundings?
Being in that situation one almost forgets, that somewhere, there is the sun, that this season will pass and that spring and summertime will certainly come.

However, back to our winter where I live, I still think that it’s a beautiful season. Despite the foggy, dark, icy weather I don’t like.


I love to decorate my home. I put candle candles and lights everywhere, blankets on our couch. When the kids don’t have school and Benny is at work, I often spend lengths of time in our living room with my four children, with music, candles, doing something together 


or even every one doing something different…  but in a cozy, warm and relaxed environment. We enjoy it even more when Benny is home and the family is complete.We love that.

It is a special, unique time of the year, which we cherish and to which we’re even looking forward to during the warm and sunny season. When the warm season comes, we go out for adventures. Camping, beach, trips, long walks… the possibilities are endless.
But right now, we not only make the best out of this season, we cherish this season.

The day I entered the process of understanding that my life, who I am, is something special and unique, that day I started to believe that my life can make a beautiful difference in people’s lives… I stopped to see myself as a victim of my circumstances.
I decided that I’m goanna stop wishing to be somewhere else, doing something else or even be someone else.

I decided to not let the circumstances of my life lead me into hopelessness, depression, jealousy of other people’s different lives… but that I will create that warm, loving, cozy, lively, happy environment all around me. No matter my surroundings, no matter the challenges I face, even knowing those dreams of my life that aren’t fulfilled yet. I will trust that being faithful in who I am, what I have and what I am entrusted to… God will lead me step by step.

And in my experience, those very seasons that were the coldest, foggiest and iciest were the seasons I cherish deep inside me.



They were the seasons I longed most for a word from God, his sweet presence, his comfort and truth. He never failed me.

They were the seasons that were like a stepping stone for growth, maturity and character in my life.

And the attitude I described above accelerated the whole process and God could go with me much further than without it.

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