Different beliefs about Destiny – and how they will impact our family Part 2

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Mindset of middle class

In the last article we saw that our worldview is greatly influenced by our upbringing, the world we live in, be it poverty, middle class or wealth.
We saw that wealth is not equal to riches or possession but rather a mindset that influences every area of our life.
How we see God, ourselves and others.

Today we will dig into the world of the middle class, treating the same subject:


As we can see on this cart there are many specific beliefs and hidden rules in that class too. If you grew up in that class, you might find this worldview “normal” and maybe even the only right one. However, this chart is not to determine right or wrong but simply to show the differences in life experiences, belief systems and mindsets.

Like Caroline Leaf explains in her book “Thinking and learning to succeed”, chapter (1) that:

“A mindset is an attitude, or a cluster of thoughts with attached information and emotions that generate a particular perception. They shape how you see and interact with the world. They can catapult you forward, allowing you to achieve your dreams, or put you in reverse drive if you are not careful. “

As we saw, the subject of destiny is perceived pretty differently among the different classes, based on different mindsets.


Poverty: Believes in fate.
Powerless to change much

Middle Class: Believes in choice.
Power to change the future with good decision

Wealth: Nobless oblige
(The moral obligation of those of high birth, 
powerful social position, etc.,
 to act with honor, kindliness, generosity, etc.(1))

One of the primary differences of a middle class mentality is:

  1. The power of choice

The middle class has a much more powerful interaction with life.

They know that they are an active part of life. There is the understanding that their destinies and the quality of their lives will be influenced by the quality of their choice.

I still remember how shocked I was when I understood that the situations in my own life, that went very wrong, were mostly due to my belief system, my mindset, not because of God.
Before that, I used to feel as a victim, I felt that God did not do what he had promised to do, that he failed me – or that I simply was a failure.

 There were different situations in the past that ended in disaster. Situations in which I felt that God choose not to help me.  

When I entered into the reality that I have a big part to play in God’s plan – that my attitude, my decisions, my way of dealing with things and people makes a big difference in the outcome of those situations – I entered into a season of discovery and understanding – and grief. There was like a movie, playing in front of my inner eyes about the many situations that went so wrong in my life – seeing them all through a different lens. I suddenly understood that it was not God who failed me, not him who lied to me, but me who messed up a whole lot due to my mindset and belief system.

This understanding changed my life.

Understanding this was a tremendous step on my way to come out of this mindset of poverty.

2. Middle class is not known as working class for no reason
People with that mindset know therefore that they have a big part to play in their own success. Working is an important way to improve their life, to keep – and enlarge their freedom.

As I told you above, this understanding changed my life in a great way.

However, working and achieving is often what drives people with this mindset in life.
Therefore, the value of achievement influences many of their decisions.
This is the way many Christians relate to God.

Because God provided them with good education and a better life than many other people in this world, they feel that He expects them to now be successful workers in His kingdom.
The plans and goals are filled with work and achievements. The more we achieve “for God”, the more successful our life feels.

The hidden feeling about God is:

“God loves everyone, but he really loves those who achieve”

The thought about destiny is:

“If I work a little harder, I will achieve more and God will be happy”

 “If so-and-so doesn’t have a good life, it’s because he’s simply too lazy”

 “I have a good life because I made the right decision.”

3. The kind of adviser one has

  1. People living in a mindset of middle class will be surrounded with friends of the same mindset.

    These friends are his or her adviser when life is not fair, when the person is down or needs advice for any decision. Such a person will not be able to make the difference of people who could truly help him or her in that situation and people who struggle with the same issues.

    Together, they talk negatively about anyone who has a different worldview, most of all about the “lazy ones” in poverty or the rich ones – because their worldview is strange to them, and they often feel that it is not fair that they have more resources than them – even if these people are often working less than they do. 

Even though the ones of us living in that mindset of the middle class have more freedom, an understanding about personal responsibility and choices and more resources than the ones in poverty, we also experience limitations.

We have a certain amount we can spend. A certain quality and brand we can afford. However, there are many things we can only wish for or work hard for in order that the next generation will be able to get into it.  
Decisions which involve great resources like travel, buying a house – or even greater emotional or mental resources like leading a company, founding an organization, being an important politic figure, becoming an influent person in the media or education is still out of reach for many within the middle class mentality.

Of all classes this is the class which is most in danger of experiencing a burnout.

Several times in my life I was confronted with the limitations a mindset can create.

The most recent challenge was to create this website. Simply, because this was a step out of my comfort zone. A step out of my mindset. A step out of this belief that I don’t have anything to say or that no one will be interested in my thoughts and experiences, my perception of God, family and life.
By doing it, I entered an ongoing process of realizing that I have much to give, that what I have to give is appreciated and that it helps many readers around the world.

So to say – I am entering into a new reality, a new mindset…. And I experience it as a beautiful thing!

In the next article we will look at the mindset of wealth.
I will explain why I am learning to grow into such a mindset.
Those of you who have been reading my articles or know me personally may be aware that I am not at all the type of person who loves luxury.
If I could choose, I would certainly prefer to spend my nights in the middle of the jungle or on a deserted beach, looking at the stars – than to afford a luxury Hotel in some luxury place in this world.

While living in Bolivia, I avoided all those tourist places and enjoyed eating the traditional dishes, learning about the way they live.
I still remember the day I went out all by myself to that street-restaurant where they vended grilled beef heart on a stick, a dish called “anticuchos”. I sat down at a little table and enjoyed my food. The restaurant owner called some people nearby and they were all looking at me, astonished: a “Gringo” eating anticuchos in their restaurant!

The reason I tell all of this to you is to reassure you that my next article will not be about how to become rich or why being within the poor or middle class is bad. I will not write about a prosperity-mentality.
I rather will explain to you why I am growing into having a mindset of wealth, and what this is all about.

Some Insights are taken from the book “Culture of Honor”, written by Danny Silk


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