Different beliefs about Destiny – and how they will impact our family Part 3

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Mindset of the wealthy

Like I tried to make sure in the two past articles, I will not talk about money here. This article will not treat the subject of how to become rich and live a life of luxury.



You could rather compare this article to the one called “new year’s resolution” where I explain that a

“Self-acceptance that results of having lost the extra pounds, gained a flat stomach or whatever it is you want your body to be different – will not be a solid ground to build your body feeling on.” Therefore, I wrote about a way to grow in physical self-acceptance and being free from shame of your body.

The same goes for this subject. As we have seen in the first article, one of the mindsets of people with a poverty mentality is the lifestyle of survival. This person has learned to stay alive and protect himself. Therefore, the first step to leave poverty can’t be to win a lottery or hope for a professional sports contract turning ones misery around, only to mention two possible ways.

Such a person will simply become a powerful survivalist, an opportunist, oppressing those around him. Simply because his worldview was formed around how to survive, not how to thrive.

This is why this article is about renewing our mind.

Ephesians 4:23 tells us:

“And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude]”

Now let’s look at the mentality of wealthy people.
As you could see in that example above, I am well aware that there are rich people who have a mentality I don’t want to imitate.

“A good friend of mine got married into a rich family. This family was a hard working middle class family, finally getting to a place of wealth. This friend told me several times how, for example, she hates to go to restaurants with that family. Simply, because her parents in law treat the waitresses with great disrespect and arrogance. They know that money gives them the power and they use it to oppress others who are there to serve them. They perceive their position as a result of their hard work and good choices and therefore, look with disdain at those with less position, money and power.”

So let’s take a look at a  “true” mindset of the wealthy. Where we’ll talk about the subjects of Destiny, and we’ll see what this could mean for you and me today:

Mindset of their Destiny: “Noblesse oblige

(The moral obligation of those of high birth, powerful social position, etc., to act with honor, kindliness, generosity, etc.(1))

In that article I wrote about how I stumbled upon a book that exposed my poverty- mindset, and confronted me with a mindset of wealth. The title of the book is: “How to keep a Princess Heart in a not so Fairy Tale World”. The author explains how many people, even though they are called to be royal, hide in a dungeon, feeling left out and powerless while they live for survival. Or they escape their reality and build themselves a “castle in the air”, pretending to be someone significant, being happy and being ok when in reality, their life is one great challenge or even a disaster.

In my own life, I found myself hiding in the dungeon, feeling left out, powerless and living for survival!
The author confronts his readers with another beautiful reality: How about living in the presence of the king? If you are a child of God, you are a princess and therefore your place is in the presence of the king! The beautiful reality is that your heavenly father IS THE King, and you are his sons and daughters. 

I believe that speaking about a mentality of wealth, of “noblesse Oblige” means exactly that.

If you are born into nobility, there is no need to live for survival or for achievement –  since who you are doesn’t depend on any other thing than your identity as nobility. There is no need to live your life as chickens running around and picking each other’s worm away.

No, you are free to behave in an honorable and generous way toward those who are less privileged.
Noblesse runs in your blood and people with a wealth mentality live out their destiny already, by simply existing. They live to honor the momentum of their ancestor and to build on the family inheritance for their descendants. 

Once again, I will quote Caroline Leaf when she says in the first chapter(1) :

“A mindset is an attitude, or a cluster of thoughts with attached information and emotions that generate a particular perception. They shape how you see and interact with the world. They can catapult you forward, allowing you to achieve your dreams, or put you in reverse drive if you are not careful. “

The wealthy have a different driving force.

Being a hard worker, capable to do with quality what you do is a good thing. To get an education or a training is awesome. Being involved in society or church is formidable.

Being a blessing to people around me is something, I strive for.


The question is: What is our driving force in life?


“Do I do what I do out of the mindset of survival?“ 

Are your daily choices shaped by the feeling of powerlessness, taking the way of least resistance in order to avoid pain? Do you spend your days in front of a screen or hide into other pleasures in order to escape your reality of fate? 

“Do I do my daily choices out of a mindset of work and achievement? “

Do you value people (and yourself!) by their achievement? Is your highest priority in life to climb the ladder of success to “become someone”? Do you struggle to value and love people around you (maybe even your own children) who fail to be a valuable part of this system?
Do you believe that God loves you more (or only) if you’re capable to work for Him and achieve for His kingdom?

As I told you before, I found myself very much in the mindset of survival and powerlessness.

Becoming aware of that, I stepped into the process of changing this mindset into this reality of someone who has a mindset of wealth.

My way of walking this process is very much found in the following two scriptures, found in the Bible: 

Ephesians 4:23 tells us:
And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude],


Isaiah 40:31
But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] shall change and renew their strength and power; they shall lift their wings and mount up [close to God] as eagles [mount up to the sun]; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint or become tired.

These scriptures talk about renewing our mind – in this case, renewing the lenses, we were conditioned to see life through, by our upbringing and experiences.
This renewing of the mind is possible by spending time in the presence of God. By meditating on His word, His truth.
The most powerful thing is when HE talks directly into our lives, as he did a few years ago when he explained me that there is a big difference in handing ourselves over or to live by real devotion, as I wrote about in that Article.

Today, I still have places in my life where I tend to react out of this mindset of poverty.  Where “clusters of thoughts with attached information and emotions generate a particular perception” in my life. However, growing out of that in other areas, I find myself more confronted with the mindset of the middle class.
I am able to achieve much more than I was in the past. I love to see my work producing results.

However, my aim, what I strife for in my life is to live out of this mindset of wealth.
To live my life out of a solid foundation of my worth.
To live my life out of this connection and dependence upon the one who knows me most, loves me most and is capable to transform my life always more into a beautiful place of love, security, faith and strength to do anything he calls me to do.

Some Insights are taken from the book “Culture of Honor”, written by Danny Silk


  1. Téo van der Weele

    Again an excellent article Jeanne, blessings Téo

    • Jeanne

      Thank you Téo, happy you liked it!


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